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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

RALPHIE PRANCER ~ The newest addition to Santa's herd

Ralphie Prancer (reindeer)
 is quite excited about this year's trip around the world. 
He will be training on the sleigh this year with all the others! 
Made of fabric, painted, stands alone at 10" tall. 
Carries a wooden candy cane. 
VERY sweet boy. 
$138, plus shipping. SOLD!! 
no orders, but I may make more of these!

MEET THE FLOCKERS~ all decked out in the halls!

CLICK photos to enlarge.

reproductions, made in Philippines 
from Robin's original design prototype, 
then upscaled to one of a kinds by Robin. 

Only a very few  were made for Bethany Lowe Designs, 
so they are a discontinued doll 
( Scooter and Lou)

Now Nema is whispering... girls, girls!
 they pose so cute...

Quintyn Flocker~ lover of snowmen with button noses. HE loves to build snowmen, sometimes he uses carrots, but really he loves button noses just like the song says.
 $32, plus shipping

 Sylvia Flocker ~ lover of pink, donned in pure pink 100% wool for the cold weather. Pretty much her whole wardrobe is pink...her snowman bell really rings.
$34 SOLD!!

 Nema Flocker ~ lover of Santa, and secrets. 
distant relative to little Nemo, see her wing.
Sweet girl, but sure loves secrets! 

 Tayberry Flocker ~ lover of candy canes and pretty wool sets to wear for winter. Very much a fashionista.
$34, and shipping SOLD!!

 Trystin Flocker ~ lover of snow and snowballs!
Often has a look of surprise, specially if someone tosses a snowball his way.
$34, plus shipping SOLD!!

loves his warm wool hat and scarf, a real sweet crow if you ask me.
$34, plus shipping SOLD!!

 Hyacinth Flocker~ lover of Christmas trees, and Santa. Well behaved and enjoys helping decorate the Christmas tree, but likes secrets too.
$32, and shipping

Odette Flocker ~ lover of candy canes, and being mischievous.
$32, and shipping, I will pack her extra tight so she doesn't escape on her way to her new home.   

MEET THE CHRISTMAS FLOCKERS ~ TONIght 9pm est... stay tuned!

BEAUTY photos coming up, tonight... don' t miss
THE DECKED out Flockers! They're all whispering about it ! 


Monday, December 15, 2014


THE Flockers will bring you Christmas joy, tomorrow night, 9pm eastern standard time. 
Lou Crow and Scooter Flocker in all their Christmas attire... and some painted bellies.. 

They look so cute! 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

NEW DOLLS up for your consideration~ see description below. CLICK the photos to enlarge them.



Peppermint Patsy LC~SOLD !!!  $55, plus shipping
made of fabric and wood, with hand painted candy stripes and candy patterned ribbon. 10" tall.

 Snowball Sig LC~ SOLD !!! $55, and shipping
Made of fabric and wood, with hand painted snowman scene, and faux snow, accented with a snowball garland. 10" tall.

 Bird lover LC~SOLD!!  $55, plus shipping
made of fabric, wood and faux pine, with faux snow and a hand painted design of cardinals and pine trees.


Snowelf~ SOLD!! 
$48, plus shipping
made of fabric and wood, Martha Stewart snow glitter, and faux holly accents, with tapestry satin collar. 

Original pattern by Cat Mahone
Gingerbread boy~ Kane~SOLD!!! 
 $48, plus shipping
with a dark teal pure wool scarf, holly accent, and star mint buttons. Made of fabric, stands alone.

NO orders taken ... all are one of a kind. 
I may have some time to make a few more Christmas dolls, so stay tuned and I will let you know ! 
Robin  ~ OTBP 

NEW DOLLIES TONIGHT 9PM eastern standard time!! First come first served...

to purchase a doll from me, pick out the doll you would like, and email me with your zip code so I can figure postage and send you back the total. 
Paypal and credit cards ( call me) accepted. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

LUCKY CHARMS~ tiny sprites to cheer your decor, $55 EA. plus shipping, first come first served NO orders

Don't forget to click on the photo for close up looks. 
WELCOME to the Lucky Charms, where magic is plentiful with tiny sprites to brighten your day.
they stand about 10" tall, and are secured on a wooden base, which is signed and dated. 
They are made of fabric and hand painted and accessorized with faux pine ad berries, and bells. 
Best kept in plain view for they can get into mischief.  

EMAIL me to adopt~ 
send your zip code so I can calculate shipping !

I will invoice you with the total! thanks
all payment due within 24hrs of invoice received

Fizzy~ SOLD!!

ST. Nick of the lights~SOLD!! 

Wyntyr~ SOLD!! 

St. Nick of the lighted garland~ SOLD!!  


St. Nick of whom the bell rings~SOLD!!
extra primy